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Audio Guestbook


4 Days


Introducing the perfect way to capture the heartfelt moments of your special day - the Audio Guestbook!

Imagine a personalized audio experience that goes beyond the traditional written messages. Our innovative solution allows your guests to leave heartfelt messages, share their well-wishes, and recount special memories, all in their own voices. With our Audio Guestbook, you'll have a timeless and intimate keepsake that preserves the essence of your celebration.

Cherish the laughter, tears, and joy of your loved ones as they contribute to a unique audio tapestry that will forever hold the spirit of your wedding day.

Rental can be picked up on Thursday evening and dropped back off Monday evening in:

  • Charleston, WV

  • Ripley, WV

  • Spencer, WV

  • Clendenin, WV

For a greeting: you can either send us an audio file of your greeting (recorded conveniently at home) or you can have a prerecorded message added. All greetings are added before you pick up your rental so that it's ready to go for your big day!

All rentals include the Audio Guestbook telephone, a table top sign for guests, and 90 day electronic storage of your guest's messages available within 24 hours of the rental's return.

Technical details:

  • Supports up to 120 hours of recording

  • 10 days of standby (on but not in use) battery life

  • 24 hours of active (while recording) battery life

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