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Your Vision

You want your event to be joyous, memorable, and full of fun! Whether you're saying 'I do,' celebrating a milestone, holding a corporate event, or throwing a gala to benefit the community, you want a perfectly curated experience that will create unforgettable memories for you and your guests.


With a passion for blending tunes that resonate with the essence of your event, I'll transform any gathering into a symphony of memories. From timeless classics to the latest hits, I curate a playlist that mirrors your unique vibe. Let's turn your event into a dance-floor sensation, where every beat echoes in the hearts of your guests long after the last dance.


Ready to elevate your celebration? Let's craft an unforgettable experience together!

DJ Dusty is a high energy, entertainment professional.  With over 20 years experience in the music industry, he has decades of knowledge and expertise curating unique sets that blend multiple genres and eras to please any crowd. 

From the consultation call through the end of the event, DJ Dusty creates custom experiences that ensure that your wedding, prom, anniversary, or corporate event goes exactly as you envision it.



Image by Marcela Laskoski


With various equipment available to suit any size guest list, DJ Dusty also utilizes a virtual platform that has the ability to play any version of any song at the touch of a button.  Whether your event is inside or in the great outdoors, he has the perfect setup for you.

DJ Dusty WV Lights


Lights can make or break a good reception.  Whether its color coordinated lighting on the dance floor, energetic light shows to get the party started, or uplights on the walls to create a picture perfect atmosphere, DJ Dusty has several packages to choose from with state of the art equipment.

DJ Dusty WV Video Karaoke

Video & Karaoke

As a new addition this past year, DJ Dusty now offers video packages.  Featuring 2, large elevated screens. your guests can enjoy music videos or custom slideshows, including personalized monograms or logos. With the addition of video, karaoke is now an available option with all video packages.


Could you imagine a silent wedding? From the ceremony through the end of the reception, music creates an atmosphere that invites guests to make memories and have fun!

You want your wedding to be joyous, memorable, and full of fun! Imagine your wedding day, from the time that you walk down to the aisle, to the feelings during the first dance, the burst of energy as the dance floor opens up, and the irresistible songs that make everyone dance and sing along throughout the evening, music provides the backdrop for one of the biggest days of your life.  With DJ Dusty, you can rest assured that your wedding will have the perfect curated experience and will create unforgettable memories for you and your guests. 

​DJ Dusty works with engaged couples as they plan their dream wedding ensuring that every detail is absolutely perfect for their special day. Seating and ceremony music are perfectly timed and curated to set the stage for you and the love of your life to say your vows and start your lives together. Once the reception starts, DJ Dusty is an expert at reading the crowd to get all of your guests out of their seats, out on the dance floor, and making memories!


Did you know that an anniversary celebration can have the same feel as your wedding reception?  Anniversaries parties are a great way to remember all the years you have spent with your spouse as well as to create new memories!

All you have to decide on is whether you'd like to listen and dance to the tune of today's top hits, yesterday's favorites, Motown, or everything in between! Then send us some photos of your most precious memories with each other and family and let us create a slideshow for you, your family, and your guests to enjoy and reminisce.

School Dances

Have you ever had a bad DJ at a school dance or even worse, a commercial open up in the middle of a playlist that a student or parent is playing from their phone?

A student's bad experience at a school dance effects their high school memories.  It is also helps them decide whether they come to the next dance which ultimately impacts the revenue which is generated for necessary school based clubs, athletic groups, and other programs. 

Don't let a playlist or a bad DJ ruin your school dance.  DJ Dusty keeps up with the latest music trends and listens to student requests.  He also has the lighting equipment to get any school dance jumping!


DJ Dusty WV Corporate Event

Corporate Events

Need to bring some excitement to your Corporate party?  DJ Dusty will help you set the tone with his expertise in music selection and the appropriate lighting/video.  You'll also appreciate DJ Dusty's professionalism with every event he DJs!

DJ Dusty WV Employee Fun Day

Employee Fun Days

Having an employee appreciation day? Let DJ Dusty help get your employees engaged with employee driven music selections and even karaoke!  Make sure your staff knows that you appreciate all their hard work!

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